Tuesday, September 28, 2010

oh checker io

oh - io. if you're from ohio you know the cheer. oh - io. and so it goes. around the room, a bar, a stadium. someone chants oh and it is enthusiastically followed by io. not to long ago i met with dj from checker distrubutors. they supply shops like ours. the best thing is they have a large warehouse in ohio. and i like to support my good ole buckeye state. we're hurting here in the midwest. steel jobs are gone for good. automotive too. so i like it when i feel i am contributing to our home economy.

it never occurred to me when i placed my first order...it would be here the next day. now that is a double reason for an oh - io!!!

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Darlene Gerber said...

So what was in the box? Don't keep us in suspense!!!