Tuesday, September 21, 2010

bad sun

the longer we're in business, the more often i'm asked questions about what i have our workers do. more specifically, our employees with autism and down syndrome. i'm not sure if it is simple curiosity or if they are questioning if they really can do the work. i hope one day every customer has the chance to personally observe how hard they work.

i assure you i have plenty to keep them busy. one of the most often heard comments when a new costumer walks into our store is this, "ohhhh...it is so bright in here. i love the windows and the great lighting."

yes the windows are wonderful. yet the western facing windows allow the hot afternoon sun to touch our fabric. and that is not so good. so once a week we rotate stock. that is one of sari's tasks. she pulls off the top shelf fabric and replaces it with the fabric previously on the bottom shelf.

this past week we have been very blessed with beautiful sunshine. as our cleveland followers know, that is not something we take for granted. as sari was diligently working on her task, i overheard her look out the window and say, "bad sun. bad sun to our fabric." and that my friends, made my day.
p.s. the fabric...kate spain's...12 days of christmas...we've already sold out of two bolts, so hurry in to get the best selection

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To Love Endlessly said...

I bet you have plenty to keep everyone busy around there. And sure enough, enjoy that sunshine while it lasts. ;-)