Wednesday, August 4, 2010

rush hour ordering

in the beginning i was a rookie. i mean, i knew zip. then i met mark and joe and they gave me a crash course. i learned quickly that collections were all or nothing. i had as much time to decide as a blink of an eye. was it in or was it out. i love the three pronged approach that moda developed...metro, style, classic. me, i'm a metro girl. with a splash of style and a hint of classic. and that's how i've been ordering so far. sure hope my customers agree with my taste.

then there is a completely different game. with a whole new set of rules. we're talking the basics. not as glamorous. maybe not as fun. but without them...well, it would be like a good restaurant not serving bread and butter. you just gotta have them. but which them?

a little more thought goes into this process. i studied top selling lists. color trends. other available items such as pre-cuts, matching specialty fabrics and patterns. then i pulled out the swatch cards.

after my research, i marked each color with a small binder clip to see how it plays out on the color card. i call sarah down for a second opinion. i tweak a bit and then i order. sixteen orders in 48 hours. not bad. they need to be here next week. and with moda i have every confidence they will be. oh poor pete. for his sake, i hope they don't all arrive on the same day. if so, that will be one overloaded brown truck.

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