Friday, August 27, 2010

marvelous marissa...

if you have been in the shop while marissa has been with us, you know just how wonderful she is.

marissa is a recent graduate of the kent state school of fashion, so she has experience with design, pattern drafting and sewing. and she knows all about fabric. she has the most beautiful smile and warm personality. my sarah and her sister kara, have been friends for many years. it has been fun getting to know marissa better the last few weeks. we did discover there was one tiny little issue though. she has never pieced together a quilt block. until today. that is.

she has been eyeing fandango since she first came into the shop. so i grabbed a charm pack and asked her to make four nine blocks. seems easy. marissa soon found out it is not as easy as it looks. i could tell right away she has a good eye for color, texture and composition. soon she had all the pieces just where she wanted them and had selected two squares of fabric that she will use for inside and outside borders. both were excellent choices. and then she got busy sewing quarter inch seams. she did a marvelous job of stitching. you'll have to come into the store to see her progress.

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donald said...

nice! doing things what you really love makes life easier. i went to fashion school and i need only one semester to finish the course..hope i make it!