Friday, August 6, 2010

autism helps

...i was excited that the furniture arrived on a day that sari was working. i knew that she would enjoy getting it prepped and ready for fabric.

sure enough. she got right to work dusting to be sure it was clean before we put our fabric on top.

if you have been over to our website you may have read our mission statement: to provide competitive employment in an entrepreneurial setting for young adults with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. sari just happens to have autism.

i was recently asked what i know about autism and my reply was this, " not very much." i do know sari though. as an individual. i know she is very punctual. has never called in sick. she knows how to do her job. without repeated instruction. she works very hard and she takes pride in her work.

and best of all...she loves our fabric. most of the fabric in the store sari has opened. she was told only twice that the moda labels all need to be facing the same direction. and now they do.

she is learning to create displays. here she is contemplating how she is going to line wee woodland, our newest collection in house, in the crib. many have heard of the organization autism speaks. i am here to tell you that autism helps too. in a very big way.

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Jan said...

Wonderful post. I've been watching your progress from California.