Wednesday, July 21, 2010

locked out

did you read yesterday's post? i knew better than to officially declare where we were schedule wise. sure enough. i stayed at the store late in the evening to prepare for the carpet cleaning. when i went to lock the door, i felt something odd. like a part falling. then the key would not turn. so i just left it there overnight. the store door is inside a foyer door, so no one could get to it.

bright and early i call a locksmith. guaranteed to get you in when you have been locked out, the ad says. he arrives within the hour and works on the key for a few minutes. and then guess what happened next...

need a clearer view...yep the key broke off. now what? not to worry.

there is a back door to our store space. the only problem...i don't have a key. the landlord never used it and so she could not find a key to give us. so mr. locksmith gets out his break in, i mean tool kit. he has all kinds of neat little contraptions. things i've only seen in james bond movies. only none of them work. finally he says, this is a good lock. if only i were on the other side of it, that would make me feel better. so.....

he simply drilled a hole into the door lock...we're in...that will be $110.00 please. next time, i'll just drill it out myself. well, hopefully there won't be a next time.

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