Saturday, July 17, 2010

let there be light...

have you ever fallen in love with a light fixture? i can't say i have either. until now. as i was walking the aisles at lowe's one afternoon, i spotted this little gem. and i was smitten.

i did not have a plan to install a ceiling fan in the kitchen. yet this adorable little fixture was just calling out to me. so when the electrician was completing the fire code violations, i asked him if the brackets could hold a fan. he took the old light down and said the electrical box and supports were actually better than most new homes today. he came this morning to install it.

this photo will give you a better perspective. it is the cutest little thing. i'm not the only one who thinks so. the electrician and i stood admiring it for a good five minutes. we were oohing and ahhing as though it were a newborn baby girl with big blue eyes and dark ringlets of curls.

i was in the area this evening, so i stopped in to take one more glance. to see how she glowed in the dark...

and then i gave her little blades a spin. they are all of about eight inches long. the entire fan is only 30" wide. you will have to come into the shop to see for yourself. i'm telling you, she is just that adorable.

my other lucky find was this hallway light. i searched several places before finding this sweet gem at home depot. it just looked like a quilt store to me.

nice intricate flowers and vines etched into the glass. i bought one. then i decided i needed more. it seems others like them too. i now know where every home depot in cuyahoga county is located. well worth the travels though. they just look like they belong here.
it's a wrap for the lighting installs. i'm so very thankful to have this great crew willing to work on weekends to help me meet my deadline. thanks paul, you're a shining star.

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To Love Endlessly said...

I love that fan! Next time I'm up that way I'll be by to check it out. :-)