Friday, July 16, 2010

fire code violations

it just so happened that captain carroll from the lyndhurst fire department stopped by our building on june 29th. he comes around every year or so. nice guy. but then you already know i have this thing for firemen. anywho, the first problem is easy to fix.

see that hang tag. this fire extinguisher was last inspected in 2008...

despite the fact the arrow is pointing to full, it needs to be examined by a certified inspector every two years.

the next few issues are a bit more labor intensive. they need to be done by a licensed electrician. i'm so glad that captain carroll arrived the week before the work crew did. i'm thinking maybe my grandfather, the fire chief up in heaven, had something to do with the perfect timing.
i forgot to take pictures of this before, but there were many large exposed wires just hanging out of the wall. they were hiding behind the wedding dresses before, so it did not get caught on previous inspections. the thought of that is somewhat frightening. satins and tulle melt quickly. i'm just thankful nothing ever happened. i sure would not want my fabric around open hot wires. now that the junction box is on, it can be painted to match the walls.
the second violation was near the back stairwell. there must be a lighted exit sign in case of power failure. it looks good during the day...

...but the real test is in the dark. so i went over late last night. sure enough, beautiful glowing amber. we are all ready for our re-inspection. not to mention, much safer.

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