Tuesday, July 20, 2010

dhaea fo chsluede

i don't dare say it, for fear of jinxing our luck, yet we are a_ _ _d of s _ h _d _ _e and slightly under budget.

here is a quick walk through.

the entry way. three small steps up with a charming railing. unfortunately, this prevents us from being completely barrier free. however the front vestibule is wheelchair accessible and we will be happy to bring fabric out to the customer for viewing.

the front room with a few recent moda deliveries.

looking back from the front.

a closer view of our new checkout/cutting counter. behind it is the area to be sarah's sewcial lounge.

the training/stitching room.

the clearance corner.

the backside of the cutting counter.

from the back looking forward.

three steps from the original staircase in the house.

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To Love Endlessly said...

looks beautiful and HUGE! I can't wait to come visit when you open!