Thursday, July 15, 2010

celebrate each and every day...

i received an email today that i would very much like to respond to. it made me realize that we are encountering a whole new set of friends with our fabric store that do not know the medical history of our sarah. the writer read my post about the paramedic who is helping to paint and my soft heart for the men in blue. then she went over to sarah's blog where sarah talked about the paramedics working on her in the middle of the street after she stopped breathing in my car.

the writer was so touched and wondered if this was an ongoing medical issue for sarah and what will i do if she were to stop breathing and the ambulance not arrive in time. specifically with the store. what would i do after we put all this time into it.

excellent question and i do so appreciate the concern for our situation. in quick summary, sarah had open heart surgery when she was six months old. this is not uncommon for babies born with down syndrome. unlike most surgeries though, she had many complications and stayed in the hospital for a few months. she came home once and her airway collapsed. my heavenly father gave me the strength to make sure that sarah did survive that ordeal. for several years after, she continued to have significant health issues and there were times that the doctors did not believe her little body would recover.

from this we learned to take one day at a time. to appreciate each amazing hour. to record as many memories as possible. we have accepted our place in a higher plan. with our hard work, we believe we will be guided and directed where we are meant to be. i do not know what tomorrow holds, so today i celebrate the opportunities before me with this beautiful daughter that i have been given the privilege to share my life.

it will always be our quilt store and i know she will always be standing beside me. my son asked me tonight if i like the new paint color. he hoped so because he thinks i may have this store for twenty years. that would make me seventy and sarah forty one. i like that plan. yet i know there may be another plan. one that i don't yet see. one that is being meticulously laid out, often through his mysterious ways. one thing i know for sure. i will be given the strength i need to continue the journey that was meant for me.


Shelly Turpin said...

Thanks - I needed that
<3 Shelly

Dawn said...

Wow...what a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing that.