Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the carpenter has arrived

related to the painter, is an excellent carpenter. he has done work for us before. always accurate, quite precise in-fact. i suggested today he would make a good quilter.

i was not quite sure where to put the checkout counter. initially, i wasn't even sure i was going to have one. then once i walked into the space after all the wedding dresses had been removed, i had a vision.

i love this picture. saw horses amongst the daisies. has a country feel about it. yet if you look closely, the bus stop on a major four lane road is in the background. that's the exact feeling i wish to convey in this store. where suburban meets urban.

i decided to make a check out and cutting table in one. right next to the "sew"cial lounge. we're going to build in a 10" overhang. that way the counter can double as a serving bar. i've found just the perfect stools we'll use.

on goes the plywood backing to make a stable surface for the beadboard to be applied. i think that will be a great touch for the ambiance we need.

the level is never far. part of his precision, i suppose. he delights in showing his work, just not his face:)

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