Friday, June 18, 2010

sharing the workload

i posted pictures last week of matt opening a collection of fabric for me. i needed access to most of the bolts as i am creating a sample that utilizes just about every sku. a few days later, sarah was with me when we decided to stop for an entirely different reason. the minute she saw the fabric on the table she expressed her dislike. "this is my fabric," she exclaimed with significant disapproval in her voice.

i was quickly reminded that she has taken great ownership in this project. she does see this as her store and her fabric. i tried to explain that matt was our helper. he is going to help us open boxes and move fabric around because it is heavy and we can't do it alone. i'm not sure she was buying into the concept that sharing the labor makes a lighter workload.

i tried a few different ways to help her understand. i think once the store is open it will be easier. she seems to connect better with visuals. then she will be able to see what is truly going on. it was a learning moment for me. i know i will need to continually adjust my thought process for sarah and the other workers we will employ. i recognize it is no different than what i have asked of her teachers all these years. to think differently. to adjust the curriculum. it's not that she can't understand, it's just a different way of thinking.

then i changed the subject. "sarah, which one is your favorite?" this one. the one with the snowmen. with that she was back to being sarah.

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