Friday, June 11, 2010

floor plans

the clock is ticking away quickly. we were finally able to get into the store to measure and tweak our original drawings.

nothing too fancy. plan old grid paper and highlighters do the trick. fortunately there is no need to move or change anything electrical or plumbing so we really don't need professional drawings, as no permits need to be pulled.

we do have a carpenter extraordinaire, my father, making some custom shelving for us. he has already been busy at his house knowing we have a very tight time frame to make our grand opening festivities in august. he is at the point of painting so we needed to get busy selecting a color.

who knew there are so many colors of white? my golly it makes it difficult. so sarah and i loaded up and headed over to the furniture store where a few pieces are coming from. sarah decided it was this one, clean white, or super white, or extra white depending on where the paint is purchased.

after that selection we took our drawings to office max to have them laminated so we will be able to draw on them with dry erase markers. it will be a useful tool for sarah and the other students working with us.

our director of the "sew"cial lounge is calling the carpenter to inform him the paint has been selected. she begins with,"grandpa, i have to talk to you." i just love how this project is pulling us all together.

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kate spain said...

sounds like you're having lots of fun there, joyce! how wonderful for everyone. btw, of all the colors, i think white is definitely the hardest color to pick! good going to you and sarah! xok