Saturday, May 8, 2010

we have lights

we are now just days away from our first showing at the chamber of commerce event. so we moved the display upstairs onto the pool table today. it's almost 8 feet long which is the size of our table at the business expo. we plugged the lights in and they work!! the colors and the shape are a perfect match to frolic, the moda fabric we have featured. sarah spotted them the day we went to target to find kate spain's plates and napkins. she has a great eye for that kind of stuff.

it's coming along. if i could just get the quilt done that is suppose to be in that big hole in the middle, we will be in good shape. oh i still need to bind soul mates and sew on the little bluebird eyes too. and then i wanted to make sandy's owlivia. never enough hours in the day.

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kate spain said...

Wow!! You and Sarah have been busy for sure! Your table look fabulous. Good luck at the event. Happy Mother's Day to you! xo,kate