Thursday, May 13, 2010

move that ...

...display. did you want to yell bus? me too. that's my favorite part of the extreme home makeover show. our time had come to pack it up. i must admit i was a little nervous about this. first, i thought it looked perfect so i wanted to duplicate it exactly once i arrived at landerhaven. and second, i wasn't sure how it was all going to pack up.

i started by taking two close up photos.

one of each side. i then printed them on one piece of paper and slipped it into a page protector.

then i brought in empty copy paper boxes. i put the items i would need first in two of the boxes and marked them 1 and 2. it all fit very nicely into seven boxes. i kept the bolts of fabric in the tub as they were and left the two pieces of grid wall anchored together. the load in for this expo is very quick, so you need to be extra prepared. the pictures proved incredibly helpful so the display went up in an easy thirty minutes.

our location was awesome. we were directly opposite the entry doors with nothing blocking us. we also had the sunshine behind us during the afternoon. i loved how you could see the design of cross-pollination behind our sign during that time. the colors of frolic created such an eye catching display. we had so many comments about that.

once the sun set, the lights around the top of the display were just the perfect touch to make us stand out from the crowd. sarah gets all the credit for spotting those in the store.
this was a business to business show, so sales were strictly prohibited. if not, i guarantee the quarter yard rolls of moda marbles would be gone. and the funny thing is, i really stewed about cutting and rolling them as so many people today want folded fat quarters. but the rolls just fit so nicely into the teal and orange utensil holders, so i went ahead and did them one night. come august they will be in the store, if you're interested.
it was great to see so many friends and meet so many new neighbors. to wendy, it was so good to see you. please tell corky i said hello.

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