Saturday, March 6, 2010

a sneak peak

the mannequins in the window...
will soon be replaced with
a clever display of Moda fabrics
from the outside
it looks like a relatively new building
yet just behind the doors
hides features of the charming
1950's home
it was originally built to be
for the past twenty years or so
it has been the home of sposabella's bridal

i was able to take a few pictures
to begin to plan the layout...
the front room has this
framed in the original wood cutout
love the rounded archways
an original doorbell chime
hiding behind
shelves that will be coming down
to showcase a beautiful quilt or two

a working fireplace with marble surround
and a mantle
will be awesome for a seasonal display

sans the ugly brown cabinetry

this sweet kitchen area

is just calling out to be...

a featured moda bakeshop

hmm...i wonder how many
pom-poms were made in this
thousands i'm sure

this is the first wall of gowns
i plan to put
shelving on this wall for
the Moda designer collections
the round display in the center...
that will be Kate's table

the next room has a very long wall
to display all the basics
marbles and muslins
essential dots and crossweave
batiks and solids

the mother-of-the-bride room
will become our training area
for learn to sew instruction
for kids and adults
i've already had a request for
a boys session

the alteration area now tucked
four nicely painted pillars
will soon become a
a "sew"cial lounge
a place to gather for friendship
and fun
and fabric discussion

as i close my eyes each night
i visualize the
i just have to be patient
until the end of june

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